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Who We Are

CrowdChannel (the Facebook canvas application) and CrowdChannel (the mobile application) are cloud products from Mindset Systems Incorporated, a corporation founded by four video professionals in 2013. The founders became interested in using sensor data and social connections to process video in the cloud, hence eliminating the friction of desktop editing and distribution. Our vision is that smartphones, tablets, wearable computers, dashcams, and drones are essentially becoming “channels”, and there is a need to address video production from these devices from a collective and collaborative perspective.

Why CrowdChannel?

CrowdChannel offers a fun and collaborative experience for the participants, and content and advertising opportunities for the venue. CrowdChannel creates slick productions that can be saved or shared via social media or online video platforms. These productions are complete and composed of the most interesting, most socially relevant, and the highest quality contributed footage. We generate structured media content and deliver this to a definable and receptive audience, while amassing actionable data about the attendees’ locations, interests, and social relationships.